Upgrading Your Bathroom? Discover the Latest Plumbing Trends

Upgrading Your Bathroom? Discover the Latest Plumbing Trends

Several trends have come and gone in the plumbing industry during the past few years. Plumbing experts have been using these trends to influence their important business decisions, from incorporating innovative products that improve work productivity to advanced technology that offer ease. For an individual firm in the plumbing industry, staying current on these trends and technology is essential to satisfy consumer expectations better and to secure a distinct competitive edge.

While searching for wholesale plumbing supplies in Florida, here are some up-and-coming bathroom technologies to keep an eye out for.

Smart Features

With the rapid advancement of technology, smart bathrooms are one of the latest trends. Intelligent features such as automated toilets, voice-activated shower systems, and automatic faucets are becoming increasingly popular.  

Floating Vanity

A floating vanity can give the impression of a more spacious area in a small bathroom by suspending it on the wall, thus creating the illusion of increased floor space. If you opt to put in a floating vanity, the plumber must know the dimensions to be rough in the waste and water pipes from behind the wall.  

The concealing of the plumbing within the vanity cabinetry makes a vanity float. If bringing up the plumbing through the stud wall or the floor is impossible, you might need to enclose it within a box.

Statement Lighting

Integrating unique illumination elements like chandeliers or pendant lights has the potential to infuse your bathroom with a revitalizing atmosphere. Various specialists in bathroom design encourage homeowners to opt for sizable fixtures or opt for crystal-adorned lights to introduce a touch of glam into their bathroom area.

Smart Flush Toilets

Are you looking for some effective ways to make using the toilet more comfortable and germ-free? Heated seats are excellent technological developments, and many homes love touch-free toilets. These toilets flush with a wave of your hand, and their lids even close without touching. While they are more expensive than a regular toilet suite, they have features such as a bidet flush and rimless pan for easy cleaning. Smart flush toilets' improved design and function provide a more sanitary experience.  

Matte Finishes

Alongside these bathroom trends, another prevalent trend in bathroom luxury is favoring matte finishes, particularly in shades like black and brass, for faucets, showerheads, and various other fixtures. These finishes present a gleaming and modern look that harmonizes perfectly with a wide array of bathroom design aesthetics.

Underfloor Heating

Experiencing the pleasure of walking on a heated floor during a chilly morning is a comfort that is steadily becoming more attainable. The popularity of underfloor heating systems in bathrooms is on the rise, offering a sense of warmth and comfort during the winter season.

Freestanding Bath

The freestanding bathtub remains a lavish fixture that will persist as a prominent trend within bathroom designs. The emphasis on well-being and relaxation has impacted the evolution of bathroom designs. You can achieve this by indulging in a deep soak in a freestanding bathtub.

When preparing for the installation of a freestanding bathtub, it's essential to double-check measurements. A buffer zone of no less than 100 mm around the tub is necessary for convenient cleaning. Also, it's of utmost importance to factor in the positioning of the drain for the bathtub to ensure a smooth installation process.

While selecting your freestanding bathtub, it's advisable to note the position of the waste outlet – whether in the middle or at the end of the tub. This information about orientation will need to be communicated to the plumber during the initial drainage setup stage. Moreover, the tapware and spout selection will also need to be chosen to suit the height of the freestanding bathtub.


Customizable plumbing fixtures offered by various wholesale plumbing supply providers in Florida allow homeowners to mix and match finishes, handles, and spouts that are becoming popular, thus offering a personalized look to the bathroom design.

Mixing Finishes for Visual Interest

The era of perfectly coordinating each fixture has passed. The current trend revolves around blending diverse finishes, thus contributing to an aesthetic that captivates the eye and brings dimension to your bathroom design. Merging elements like matte black faucets with brushed gold shower heads or pairing chrome hardware  with accents of rose gold introduces a compelling contrast that increases the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom.

Therefore, staying up with the latest bathroom and plumbing supplies trends is crucial for various compelling reasons. To begin with, the trend of bathroom design and plumbing advancements is constantly evolving. Having current knowledge of these trends can significantly help you in making well-informed decisions regarding renovating, enhancing, or upkeeping your restroom. Keeping up with the recent trends ensures that your bathroom remains functional, stylish, and modern with contemporary aesthetics.

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