What type of materials are mainly used in our plumbing pipes?

The six main types of materials used in our plumbing pipes are–

  • Copper.
  • Galvanized steel.
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS).
  • Cross-linked polyethylene (PEX).
  • Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC).
For what plumbing issues do we offer plumbing supplies?

Our Hollywood-based plumbing company offers extensive plumbing supplies to fix various residential and commercial plumbing issues. Below mentioned is a list of some plumbing issues for which we provide the finest quality plumbing products:

  • Clogged toilets.
  • Gas line leaks.
  • Slab leaks.
  • Basic plumbing issues.
  • Water line repairs.
  • Broken Toilet Handles.
  • Water heater repair.

And Many More.

Which factors does one need to consider while choosing suitable pipe materials?

Various factors that one needs to consider when selecting a suitable pipe material are –

  • Material transported through a pipe.
  • The temperature of liquid passing through a pipe.
  • The pressure of the liquid handling process.
  • The service life of the fluid handling system.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Exposure to external elements
  • Valve and Fitting Sizes.

How can you buy our plumbing products?

AAA Plumbing team is available 24*7 to offer you a wide range of plumbing products to meet your needs for the finest plumbing supplies. To buy our plumbing products, you can call us directly to discuss your plumbing products’ requirements with our expert today! - Contact us

Does AAA Plumbing Supply sell genuine plumbing products?

AAA Plumbing Supply sells 100% genuine plumbing products sourced from various top brands, including Gerber, Moen, Pfister, Kohler, Grohe, American Standard, Peerless, and more. You can visit our website or call us directly to purchase fine-quality plumbing products for any of your residential or commercial plumbing requirements.

I want to inquire about a product! How can I ask you?

You can reach out to our team. We are happy to assist you by answering your calls and providing all details related to the desired product - Contact us